Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Is It Time For An Update Already

Well, three years have came and gone.  Has it been that long since I last posted?  Apparently it has!

At this point I have no intentions of posting on a regular basis.  If it were to happen, that would not be bad.  Maybe that would mean that I played some poker.

A few things have happened since my last post.  I have played in a WSOP side event (I didn't do great, but had loads of fun).  I started working again.  My time at home as a stay at home Dad did not last long enough.  Now I am as busy as I ever was, if not busier.  The good thing is that I am spending a lot more time with the family.

The last few years I have taken a trip out to Vegas during the WSOP.  It's addicting and fun.  There is so much poker going on at that time of the year.  I only got a few small cashes.  I was either not playing great or the other players were playing great.  Probably a combination of both.

Online, I am not able to play as much as I once did.  Last summer I played quite a bit and did very well.  I paid for a good portion of a Vegas trip with my poker winnings.  That was the first time in, well ever.

At this time, I am missing poker again.  I can only go so long without playing.  Really, I am missing live poker.  This time of year is really busy, but maybe after the first of the year, I can find some time to go play somewhere.  I heard there may be a local game starting up around here.  If that takes off, I could scratch my itch.

My bankroll right now is non-existent.  We have been trying to pay down debt, so I have not set anything to the side for a bankroll.  It's time to start one.  I have a few dollars in my wallet, that will have to get me started.  Then I should be able to add to it a little each month, until I can get started playing the games I need to be playing again.

At the very least, I need to save enough to be able to hit the road and play in a series that happens in one of the adjoining states.

I'll try to play a small game this week and post the results.

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