Monday, April 28, 2014

How Long Has It Been?

I've been back from Vegas for a long time now.  I guess it was time to take a break from the blogosphere. 
We had a great time in Vegas.  The first night we were wandering the strip and Mizike needed to run back to the Riviera for something.  I sat down at the poker tables and the Quad.  The Caesar's poker classic was running and there were several guys at the table that had played over there earlier.  The play was really loose.  I waited on any pair and played and almost always took down the pot. 
In the short time that Mizike was gone, I tripled my buy in.  He got back and wanted to keep exploring.  I tried to convince him to sit down, as this was the most lucrative table I've ever sat at.  He said no, and with this being his first time in Vegas I racked up my chips to cash in.
We played slots off and on the next couple days and sat down at roulette, blackjack, and three card poker.  It was a good way to donate plenty of money to the casino's. 
On the last night, I walked by a slot machine and felt the urge to put a 20.00 bill in and max bet 3.00 per spin.  On the second or 3rd spin I hit for 1000.00.  I was about break even for the trip with that win after giving Mizike his 20%. 
With some extra money in both of our pockets I finally convinced him to go find a poker table.  We went to the room at the LVH.  It was a much tighter table and if you didn't have trips or better you were more than likely behind if somebody bet. 
I got in a good size pot with Mizike when one of my cards matched 2 on the board giving me trips.  He was betting so I called to see how much I could get out of him.  On the river I turned my trip over and he showed me the flopped full boat.  Oh well he was due for a win over 100.00 so he could give me 20%.  I wasn't feeling it so when I busted my original buy in, I got up and walked around while he continued to play.  He quit about an hour later up over a full buy in. 
I think he's now convinced that if we go back to Vegas that we need to spend more time in the poker rooms.
As for the Monday Night Muckem games.  I have been on a dry spell until last week, when I finally snuck in a 3rd place.  I should still be in the top 4 for the year with my awesome run at the beginning of the year. 
I haven't been playing at all online.  I just haven't had the urge to play, or spend the time to keep improving if I did play.  Instead of throwing away the money, I am waiting until I get the urge again. 
Everything is really busy right now with work, kids sports, fishing tournaments, Monday Night Muckem, etc.  I feel like I should spend the free time I have with the kids, even if that is just laying on the couch and watching them play around once we finish supper.