Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday Night Muckem

Last night I made my appearance again at the Monday Night Muckem game.  There have been good turnouts lately.

At the start of the game I could not get anything going.  In fact I had to add on in the second level because I lost a big pot with pocket kings.  That stack was all but gone and I was ready to head home in the third level when I went all in with pocket 10's and had 5 callers.  A 10 on the river saved me and got me back up to a normal stack. 

From there it was painfully slow as I waited on a hand to catch.  Finally I called an all in with pocket 10's.  He had K9 and got a king out of the gate.  I called for a Q and a 9 on the turn and river to catch a straight and win that hand.

At break I was slightly under starting stack size, 4 BB's.  The first hand back I three bet all in against the raiser beside me when I was on the button with pocket 8's.  Not only did he call, but the small blind and big blind also went all in.  The initial raiser had KK.  The other 2 did not have anything.  Three of us were eliminated the first hand back from break.

I was getting the calls I wanted from the players I wanted, but they actually had hands this week.  I need to tighten way up next week and watch the action at the table before I dive in.  Everybody is improving their play.  I need to find a way to exploit that.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

About Bought a Business

This Monday I did not get to participate in the Mayhem that comes with Monday Night Muck Em.  The kids had a music program at the school.  I went to that instead.  I think they did o.k.  I missed most of their portion of the program.  By the time the older kids got done playing instruments and the littlest of kids got done singing, my daughter decided she had been good long enough. 

Lately, I have began considering starting my own business.  It has always been a dream of mine to run my own business.  I was on track to purchase an existing business the last couple of weeks, gathering financial data, preparing a business plan to take to the bank to secure financing, talking to the realtor, etc.  Last night the realtor got ahold of me and told me they got a really good offer from somebody else and would be accepting it.

I'm not too upset.  I got a lot of valuable information for starting the business I have always wanted to start.  Now I can continue to save and give myself a better opportunity later on when something comes available.  I was concerned about the location and some external threats of the area.  There's one other area that would probably be a better fit for my business.  There is one option with possibly a second option for a place to start my business available there now.

For now I will enjoy spending time with my family.  Once I start my business I will be putting in a lot of hours and will more than likely miss out on quite a bit of family time.

As far as poker goes, I have played around online very little this year.  I have played a super turbo sng a few times in the last few months.  My desire to play hasn't been there.  I still look forward to Monday nights.  It's nice to play for fun again.  If my time frees up some this summer, I would like to throw in a tournament once in a while on Sunday's.  I could see myself playing the 109.00 game since I will only be playing on occasion, once a month or less.