Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Muck Em

After winning last week, I had a target on my back for the $20.00 bounty this week.  It was apparent at the start of play that I was going to have to have the best hand from start to finish every time.

I had pocket aces fairly early and had 2 callers all the way to rivertown.  I had 1 beat.  The other caught their flush on the river.  Painful. 

This week was not at all like last week.  I could not buy a hand.  Actually I got creative one time when I was about out of chips and called an all in from late position with 7 2 when nobody else called.  There were a lot of chips in the pot.  He had JQ.  I caught a 7 on the river to win.  It was pretty exciting.  It was apparent that I showed up last night to eat, drink and have fun.  With the cards I got I do not think things would have turned out any different if I had played seriously.

I did have fun.  The host always makes a meal for us.  This week it was a baked potato bar, with a snack tray and cakes.  It's a rough way to spend my Monday evenings.

My last hand of the night was 4 2 s.  I went all in and had 2 callers.  KQrag out the gate.  Big stack bets, other player goes all in.  Uh Oh!  Big stack folds.  Other player has a Q.  A 2 hit on the turn.  No love on the river.  I was third out of the game.  I had 1 BB left when I went all in.  I had just gotten out of the blinds with 8 3 and 9 2 with raisers and callers ahead of me.  I had 4 more hands to make a move.  When I looked down at the power hand 4 2 I knew it was time to put my chips in the middle. 

Not this time.


  1. Don't let Poker Grump see your post lest he lecture you on how to properly play 2-4.

    1. I could probably use the lesson. My memory retention is not all there. I thought I remembered from reading Poker Grump's blog that it was an automatic winner.

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