Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quick Trip Report

I'm back from Vegas. It was a quick trip and a lot of fun. I didn't play any poker, but I did stop by and look at a couple of poker rooms as we were checking out the strip. 

I went to Freemont street on Sunday night to get fried Oreos and check out the light show. As soon as the light show was over we walked to Mermaids for fried Oreos. No luck. They were cleaning up shop. 

One thing I noticed out there was a complete lack of tourists. It was almost like a ghost town compared to usual. It is usually slow this time of year but on Freemont street during the light show I counted 5 people out watching it not including us. 

I bid farewell to the Riviera. From now on if I go to Vegas I will be staying at a casino that offers poker. My next trip will probably be during the WSOP with the intentions of playing a lot of poker. 


  1. Same disappointment that I had a few months ago when getting to Mermaids a little too late.

  2. Replies
    1. I think you may have cursed us all on being able to get a fried Oreo and Twinkie.


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